Chionanthus retusus 'China Snow' (standard) Sold Out For Spring 2021

China Snow Chinese Fringetree

Category: Deciduous, Flowering | Size: Small | Hardiness Zones: 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 | Fall Color: Yellow | Growth Rate: Medium
Image Size Quantity 1-9 10+

This four season delight is John Barbour's favorite flowering tree. The pure white flowers of China Snow (Southern Type) smother this tree in late April creating a stunning show. The round to oval-rounder, thick summer leaves are glossy and green giving way to a creamy yellow fall display. On older trees the furrowed bark accentuates the attractive outline of curved trunks throughout the winter months. All this in a durable and adaptable package! We also offer this tree as a multi-stem (multi).

Category: Small flowering tree; deciduous
Hardiness: (5)6 to 9
Foliage: Rounded leaf, glossy dark green
Fall Color: Attractive yellow, then simmers to cream
Flower: Abundant white fleecy clusters of flowers
Fruit: Small, blue
Bark: In youth, light brown exfoliating; strikingly furrowed with age
Texture: Medium to coarse
Shape: Round
Mature Size: 25-30' tall by 25-30' wide
Growth Rate: Medium
Adaptability: Chionanthus retusus is heat tolerant
Native Habitat: China