Acer rubrum 'Frank Jr.' PP16,763 Sold Out For Spring 2021

Redpointe® Red Maple

Fast growing and well-branched, Redpointe® Red Maple (Acer rubrum Frank Jr.) hits the high mark set by October Glory®. The dark green summer leaves stay neat and clean all summer.

Redpointe® Red Maple is the first tree to show fall color on our new farm in Hawkinsville. It is an early sign of the colorful display yet to come. Redpointe Red Maple starts it all with its screaming red fall color. This new tree lengthens the autumnal display of red maples by several weeks. Note the October Glories in the background of the picture below - they are still fully green!

This vigorous tree (we record 3 feet a year) offers a sound scaffold branch structure with slightly upswept branches.

Very drought and wet soil tolerant.

Category: Medium shade tree; deciduous
Hardiness: 4 to 9
Foliage: Dark green
Fall Color: Fiery red
Flower: Small red flowers in late winter create a red glow
Fruit: Red samaras
Bark: Silver-gray
Texture: Medium
Shape: Broad pyramidal to large oval
Mature Size: 40-45' tall by 30-35' wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Adaptability: Acer rubrum Frank Jr. is extremely tough and tolerant
Native Habitat: Eastern US native