Quercus bicolor 'Green Nova' PP 28,342 Sold Out For Spring 2021

Sun Breaker® Swamp White Oak

Sun Breaker® Swamp White Oak can be relied upon for dark lustrous foliage and a full and balanced crown. Unlike many Swamp White Oaks, Sun Breaker® drops its foliage clean in the winter to best show-off the textured and colorful bark. Gone are the days when Quercus bicolor was considered a cheap substitute for everyone’s favorite, Quercus alba. While Q. alba has evaded domestication in the landscape trade, Q. bicolor has proven to be easier to transplant and adaptable to a wide range of demanding sites. We believe Sun Breaker® to be the vanguard of a new era for this species.

Category: Large shade tree; deciduous
Hardiness: 4 to 8
Foliage: Dark green with a lustrous sheen  
Fall Color: Amber
Bark: The bark of Swamp White Oak flakes off in small sections; tan-brown
Texture: Coarse
Shape: Pyramidal
Mature Size: 55' tall by 40' wide
Growth Rate: Medium-Fast
Adaptability: Prefers acid soils; happy with average water availability, but thrives with "wet feet" or in water-logged soils; summer foliage is beautiful and durable
Native Habitat: Eastern US native