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Spruce Pine

Category: Evergreen, Screening | Size: Medium | Hardiness Zones: 7 , 8 , 9 | Growth Rate: Medium | Adaptability: Salt Spray Tolerant, Wet Soil Tolerant
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Spruce Pine is found in river bottoms, frequently shady, from South Carolina to Louisiana. As the trunk matures it is easily identified by the attractive finely textured bark that resembles that of a Spruce tree and eventually becomes oak-like. Spruce pine is more shade tolerant than most pines and also tends to hold its lower foliage longer than many pines making it a good choice as a screening plant.

Category: Medium screening tree; needle evergreen conifer
Hardiness: 7 to 9(10)
Foliage: Slightly twisted, soft dark green needles
Flower: Males cylindrical, purple to yellow; females light green to red
Fruit: Cones
Bark: Striking, eventually similar to a live oak
Texture: Medium
Shape: Oval-rounded open crown
Mature Size: 40-60' tall by 30' wide
Growth Rate: Medium
Adaptability: Spruce pine grows on acidic sandy loam soils high in organic matter; poorly drained and intermittently waterlogged areas.
Native Habitat: Native to Southeast US