Magnolia virginiana 'Green Shadow' (standard)

Green Shadow Sweetbay Magnolia

We have trained this groups of Green Shadow into STD tree forms. They will eventually form rounded headed trees, with broader proportions than other varieties. Green Shadow Sweetbay Magnolia has kept its leaves through -15 degree temperatures. The 2" diameter, white flowers are lemon scented and will easily flower for 4 months during the summer.

Category: Medium flowering or shade tree; broadleaf evergreen
Hardiness: 5 to 10
Foliage: Medium green upper; distinct silver underside that flashes in the wind
Flower: Green Shadow Sweetbay Magnolia has small, pure white, fragrant, abundant flowers and a long flowering season
Fruit: Interesting cone-like in reddish and orange hues
Bark: Smooth, light gray
Winter Interest: Evergreen in zone 7 and south; semi-evergreen in colder areas
Texture: Medium
Shape: Oval
Mature Size: 35' tall by 18' wide
Growth Rate: Slower than some Sweetbays
Adaptability: Acid soil a must for Magnolia virginiana Green Shadow; thrives in wet situations from wet feet to periodic flooding to swampy sites; grows well in soils with average moisture
Native Habitat: Native to Southeastern US