Cornus kousa 'Greensleeves' (low-branched)

Greensleeves Chinese Dogwood

Category: Deciduous, Flowering | Size: Small | Hardiness Zones: 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 | Fall Color: Red | Growth Rate: Slow
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Over the years some kousas have held up better than others in our summer heat. In the early going, Greensleeves looks happy in Middle Georgia. The foliage is unusually shiny, waxy, and weathers well through our long growing season. Flowers are prolific, showy in early summer, warmer, creamier than the typical kousa. Fruit are large, salmon colored, attractive against the green foliage, and are reportedly desired by wildlife, dogs and extra hungry humans. Good red and purple-red fall color reported in cool climes. This vase shaped flowering tree should mature into a 4 season asset, when the bark develops the kousa coloration.

Category: Small flowering tree; deciduous
Hardiness: 4 to 8
Foliage: Clean with a sheen
Fall Color: Red, purple-red
Flower: Numerous, opens green tinted, then creamy white
Fruit: Large salmon colored, ornamental, edible
Bark: Multi colored, textured
Winter Interest: Attractive bark, outline
Texture: Medium
Shape: Rounded vase
Mature Size: 20' tall x 20' tall
Growth Rate: Slow, though vigorous for a kousa
Adaptability: Have seen healthy old specimens from Maine to Georgia
Native Habitat: Japan, China, Korea