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Pignut Hickory

Category: Deciduous, Shade Tree | Size: Large | Hardiness Zones: 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 | Fall Color: Yellow | Growth Rate: Medium | Adaptability: Salt Spray Tolerant, Urban Tolerant
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Big and bold, Pignut Hickory has proven itself across a huge native range, encompassing most of the eastern US. It thrives from mountain slopes to creek bottoms and most everything in between. Trees are robust and foliage is dark green, bold and handsome. Fall color on Pignut Hickory can be absolute dynamite providing some of the best yellows and golds of any tree.

Category: Large shade tree; deciduous
Hardiness: 4 to 9
Foliage: Bold dark green leaves are very handsome
Fall Color: Often stunning yellows and golds
Fruit: Important part of diet for many animals
Bark: Diamond shaped ridges
Texture: Bold in every season
Shape: Oval
Mature Size: 60' tall by 40' wide
Growth Rate: Fairly fast once established
Adaptability: Wide range of soil types and moisture levels
Native Habitat: Native to most of Eastern US