Acer buergerianum 'Angyo Weeping' (natural single-stem) Sold Out For Spring 2022

Angyo Weeping Trident Maple

Category: Deciduous, Ornamental | Size: Small | Hardiness Zones: 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 | Fall Color: Orange | Growth Rate: Fast | Adaptability: Urban Tolerant
Image Size Quantity 1-9 10+

Here comes a new addition to the family of weeping ornamentals. We first heard of this unusual variety from the dynamic duo of nursery adventures, the indomitable Don Shadow and audacious Captain (Fred) Hooks. This plant is of great interest because of the proven merits of Trident Maple. As a shade tree, Trident has prospered where other maples falter. The small glossy leaves are more suited to hot, trying conditions, the attractive bark and dependable fall color are enjoyed in an extended range from Oklahoma through the deep South and up the East Coast. ‘Angyo Weeping’ will presumably present a pendulous package of those same qualities for specimen uses. Mature dimensions are as yet unknown, but like many weeping forms, it may be malleable with training and pruning.

Category: Small ornamental tree; deciduous
Hardiness: 6 to 9
Foliage: Glossy green trident, simple
Fall Color: Orange Red
Bark: Grays and tans
Texture: Medium
Shape: Trainable weeping form
Mature Size: 18’ tall by 15’ wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Adaptability: Acer buergerianum is more site tolerant than many Maples
Native Habitat: China